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Bilingual Services - Antoine B. Carriere

Bilingual Services



I can work, interact and deliver in either of Canada’s official languages fluently. I can easily work with bilingual groups and address specific questions in the participants preferred language.

I can help organisations that have a pan-Canadian bilingual mandate and support their clients in their native tongue. I have worked with official language communities in a minority situation, relate to their situation and understand their realities.

I can work with entrepreneurs who would like to be coached in both languages or with companies who would like to offer training in both official languages

Growing-up bilingual

Born and raised in Ottawa, I grew up in a household with a Francophone father and an Anglophone mother. I went to grade and secondary school in French.

For my post-secondary studies, I completed a bachelor degree and a certificate in English as well as obtained a second bachelor degree in French.

During my short time with the federal government, I was evaluated as being perfectly bilingual and was accorded a bilingual result of E-E-E.

All things bilingual







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Contact me to discuss how I can help your company or your organisation deliver its mandate, no matter the preferred language.