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Welcome - Antoine B Carriere, Entrepreneur | Coach

Work with me if you...

Have a mandate to help and support entrepreneurs

Want to build a solid foundation for your business and start on the right path

Want to learn from others and expedite your entrepreneurial journey

Want to work with someone who is living the Entrepreneur Lifestyle

I help entrepreneurs & leaders reach their goals through training and coaching.


I love to share my knowledge, experiences, techniques and approaches I have learnt and developed over the years. It has brought me to the Entrepreneur Lifestyle and has allowed me to build, grow and operate my own businesses.

I can be part of your team

Offer your clients the opportunity to work with a bilingual business coach to help discover entrepreneurship, discuss ideas, explore approaches and determine solutions.

The power of strengths

Every one is unique. Every one has the potential to excel. Each person is naturally inclined to do or act in a certain matter.

What can we learn from the success of high-performance athletes such as Sidney Crosby, Micheal Jordan or Serena Williams? It is that if we, like them, were to put our talents to work, that we could also have the potential to achieve great things. Talents that we invest in can become strengths.

Strengths-based coaching is unique and powerful. It is a person’s most direct path to individual growth and improvement. It begins with the discovery, the development and the investment in his or her greatest talents.

Build Your Business on Your Strengths

If you dream of quitting your job and becoming your own boss, you’re not alone...

Build Your Business on Your Strengths
Book Review: Start With WHY
Book Review: Start With WHY

Let's go for coffee!

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